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Location #21408, 4F, Engineering Building I
Address 2066, Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (16419)
Telephone +82-31-290-7550
Chemical Engineering


Creativity, intelligence, sensitivity, and a comprehensive knowledge of the arts and sciences are critical to achieve expansive depth of professional knowledge-based insight in architecture.

In 2003, the Department of Architecture at Sungkyunkwan University started a 5-year undergraduate professional program, to meet the demanding challenges posed by contemporary society, and to realize the high standards of architectural education. The aim of the program is the harmony between sustainability & innovation. Instructions and research encompass wide ranges of issues; design studios, building technology, digital and media technology, history (Korean, Asian, European, and American) and theory, urbanism and urban design, and professional practice, to establish pleasant environment. It also focuses on educating students to an enhanced level for international cooperation with professional expertise.




Due to the 'Digital Revolution', the openness and transparency of Democracy and Capitalism is expanding rapidly. The size of a market is no longer bound to the physical territory of a nation. Talented professionals are obtaining opportunities around the globe. The vision of Department of Architecture at Sungkyunkwan University is therefore, to prepare the future architects of Korea, if not the world, with international competitive edge.

To meet this, it is crucial to hold three key-words of the contemporary international architectural scene: Innovation, Sustainability, and Transparency. The department is committed to equip future experts, both as an individual and as a community, with the heart and mind to meet the challenges of global capitalism and to serve and advance the quality of built-environment of the world.



Ideal Stduents

The prospective alumnus of the Department of Architecture at Sungkyunkwan University could contribute to the global design community in diverse fields; a professor, a registered architect, an urban designer, a researcher in R&D centers, a developer in real estate companies; a bureaucrat in government, a manager in global asset management companies, a lawyer in urban policy, and a top executive in construction companies. It is the interest of the department to broaden the specialization of 'Design Experts' in diverse fields of building industry.



Brief History of the Department

Brief History of the Department
1398. King Taejo, Opening of State College, Sungkyunkwan
1945.09 Transformation to Modern Sungkyunkwan (School of Myungryun)
1946.09 Establishment of Sungkyunkwan University
1965.09 Samsung (CEO Byungchul Lee) became the Foundation of SKKU
1969.12. Establishment of Department of Architecture Engineering (Approved on Dec. 27)
1970.03. First Matriculation (30 undergraduate students)
1973.10. First Graduation Project Exhibition
1974.02. First Graduation Ceremony (41 students)
1974.03. Establishment of Graduate Program
1976.02. First Graduation Ceremony of Graduate Program
1978.05 Completion of 1st Engineering Building in Suwon Campus
1979.03. Department moves to Suwon Campus
1981.03. Establishment of PhD Program
1982.03. Enlargement of Undergraduate Matriculation Size (130 students)
1986.02. First PhD Graduation
1996.03. Completion of 2nd Engineering Building in Suwon Campus
1999.08 Procured (Brain Korea) BK21 Projects
2000.09 30th Anniversary, Published 30-Year History
2003.03. Divided Department into two Departments; Department of Architecture (DOA) and Department of Architecture Engineering. DOA Established of 5-year Professional Bachelor Program
2005.03. In response to KAAB space guidelines, DOA expanded teaching space
2006.02. First East-Asia Workshop at University of Waseda
2007.10. Opening of DOA Library
2008.01. Establishment of SKAi in Seoul Campus
2008.03. Establishment of Urban Architecture Design Department in Seoul Campus
2009.07. Approved as 5-year Undergraduate Program by KAAB
2009.11. Student and Faculty Exchange MOU with Spain National University ETSAM (ETSAM- Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid)
2009.11. Student and Faculty Exchange MOU with Spain Private University Europea
2010.03. Appointment of First Foreign Adjunct Faculty Santiago Porras
2010.09. 40th Anniversary with Alumni and Department of Architecture Engineering
2012.03. Appointment of First Tenure-Tracked Faculty Prof Thorsten Schuetze
2012.07. Student and Faculty Exchange MOU with Hafencity University in Germany
2012.12. Student and Faculty Exchange MOU with Venice University (University Iuav di Venezia) in Italy
2013.09. Joint International Workshop at SKKU with 5 European Universities Escuela Technica Superior de Architectura de Granada – ETSAG Escuela Technica Superior de Architectura de Madrid – ETSAM Universidad Europea de Madrid – EUROPEA Hafen City Universität Hamburg – HCU Universita IUAV di Venezia- IUAV
2015.06. IFoU International Conference “True Smart & Green City”



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