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Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students

From January until June, you will join SKK Graduate School of Business in Seoul, where you will be studying with full-time MBA students and follow business topics pertinent to the Asian market. International faculty at SKK GSB will cover a variety of subjects, from marketing in Asia to cross-cultural management, and show you how to apply these ideas to your new environment. You will access local communities at SKK GSB and expand your international network.

On completion of this semester, you will increase your understanding of the Asian market and set yourself apart when looking for your first professional experience.


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Basile Bedelek-Bilger (Class of 2020, France)

I have chosen the GETT track because the subjects available for study correspond to the type of work that I want to do. I am interested in new technologies and their impact on business. I think we need to be pioneers if we are to understand and offer solutions, within the evolving world of technology.

The GETT track gives us the opportunity to be innovators. I want to better understand the greatest changes in new technology. I want to be at the center of these evolutions, in particular, Silicon Valley. Moreover, the GETT track gives us a cross-cultural dimension. This enables me to understand and compare different decision-making processes in different countries. Because I want to take part in the next big thing, such as blockchain or space conquest, I will need to be at the heart of innovation and disruption. This track is an amazing opportunity to be close to where new business practices are taking place. We will be the first generation, the pioneers.



Pauline Helene Christine Baron (Class of 2020, France)

When I first arrived, I was surprised to find such benevolence from teachers and SKK GSB’s personnel. They really pay close attention to what you say and encourage you to voice your concerns. Whenever you face some difficulty, you will always find someone to help you. Then, I attended some high-quality courses such as Financial Risk Management an elective taught by SKK GSB’s Dean, Professor Lee. Some other courses are designed specifically for foreign students. For example, one of the best courses I got was ‘Korea Inc.’. It enabled me to gain a good insight on Korean specificities: the automobile sector, the Chaebol system, K-pop and so forth. I had the privilege to visit local companies and institutions like Kia Motors, the Samsung Innovation Museum, the Bank of Korea etc. This was a unique opportunity I could not have had elsewhere.

Thanks to my Korean experience, I have had the opportunity to work in multi-cultural teams. It is quite interesting to discover this dimension abroad, especially when cultures are totally different from the Western ones. Asians, and Koreans in particular, have opposite business practices, values and mentalities. For instance, Koreans really value loyalty and humility, two things which are not common place in my country. These are things to be remembered in my future career.



Oscar Jean Baptiste Weiss (Class of 2020, France)

'Korea Inc.' course was very interesting because it allowed us to better understand Korean history and culture. The study cases were very well chosen, and the CJ, Samsung and Kia visits were unusual experiences for us to look into the real working of companies. To have different professors teach different topics in the same course is also a good idea, because we are exposed to different points of view on the country. I would say I learned the most about Korea from this course, and it is very interesting to compare with the different European business culture. I think that it is one of the main goals of studying for one semester here.



Johannes Engelhardt (Class of 2020, France)

I definitely enjoyed being part of the close knit SKK GSB community. We closely interacted with our professors and classmates, both on a professional and on a personal level, such as with the weekly foot-ball matches between the MBA students and the professors. I would also like to highlight the small classes, the case driven approach to teaching and the international faculty with very distinguished professors.

Hearing first hand from accomplished managers about the challenges they face has given me many valuable insights, especially on how to manage change and new product launches. I experienced a steep learning curve in cross cultural interactions during our group work, presentations and simulations. Obtaining cross-cultural soft skills will certainly prove valuable to me when it comes to negotiating or collaborating with customers or suppliers from Asian locations.