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MBA Track/Specialization

At SKK GSB, you have the freedom to tailor your MBA experience by choosing from four tracks/specializations (AI & Business Analytics, Finance, and Marketing) and taking specific courses.


MBA track/specialization in particular areas signals to prospective employers that you have deep knowledge of a particular field, along with relevant analytical skills and tools.


Pursuing a track is optional and is not a degree requirement. Students are allowed to complete more than one track.



In a complex business environment, successful companies in every industry need agile leaders with strategic vision.


Whether students plan a career as a management consultant, corporate manager, entrepreneur, or investment banker, SKK GSB’s Management Track in the Full-Time MBA will give students the analytical skills and entrepreneurial mind-set to create and achieve goals for their business.



Choose Your Course

Customize your MBA education with the Management Track by choosing courses to match your interests. Here are examples of courses.


Managing Teams & Groupsview off

Corporate Strategy view off

Entrepreneurship view off

Human Resource Management view off

ESG Strategyview off

Cryptoeconomics & Blockchain view off

People Analytics view off

Digital Transformation view off